The AmericanExpress Business Gift Card - An Effective Tool for Rewarding Employees and Customers - AmericanExpress Com MyGiftCard

By Gavin | January 04, 2019

It's not just the employees who make a business, it's the customers too, and for all those times your clients and co-workers go that extra mile, we believe they should be rewarded. Our actions speak louder than words, but sometimes finding the right gift to say thank you can be hard, with the American Express business gift card you can give a special reward, that has something for everyone.

Our business gift cards can be used both online and in-store, virtually anywhere in the US that welcomes American Express. They're available in a number of denominations and can be bought in small or large quantities. As needed, they can even be custom designed to promote your business or thank that special someone with a personalized message. Plus if a business gift card is lost or stolen we'll gladly replace it for free.

So whether you're thanking a customer, rewarding someone for a job well done, or congratulating a co-worker on their new arrival. the American Express business gift card is a special way to motivate, recognize, and reward your employees and customers.

For more information please visit and give someone important a special reward every time.