How to Use Membership Rewards Points | AmericanExpress - AmericanExpress Com MyGiftCard

By Gavin | January 04, 2019

If you want more time in your life it helps to know a few shortcuts, that's why we've created easy-to-use tools that let you manage most of your account tasks quickly and easily. Here's how to redeem Membership Rewards points using the web.

Go to, and log into your account on the right side of the screen, select explore rewards, then choose from all the different options, you can pay with points when making a purchase. Just be sure to have your card handy when you do because you'll need to validate your card before redeeming points or cash. You can also redeem points for gift cards, cover your card charges, book a trip, shop with points and more.

Now you know how to redeem Membership Rewards points using a computer, want to know more check out our other posts about managing your American Express account from your phone or the web American Express. don't live life without it.